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Pall filter HC2246FKT6H50YT oil

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Pall oil filter oil HC2246FKT6H50YT product introduction pall filter HC2246FKT6H50YT adopt thickening steel frame support, pressure drop resistance is strong, not because of the pressure in the process of filtering increase cause 'discharging' phenomenon. Level filter with different structure, the new 'matrix' hybrid fiber make medium contact area of the area is large, improves the filter rate, improve the filtering effect. Pall oil filter HC2246FKT6H50YT product advantage filter made of a variety of different materials, to ensure that all kinds of liquid filtration requirements, achieve zui strong filtering effect optimization filter paper, glass fiber filter material, such as high pressure high temperature high filtering environment using stainless steel wire mesh, or multi-layer fold forms such as sintering felt, big filter aperture inside small outside, deep has good filtering effect industrial filter, filtration efficiency and stable, hundreds of thousands, there are other models can be directly consulting service
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