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Pall pall filter storage environment requirements?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Pall pall filter element USES polypropylene filter material, filter material and skeleton, the end cover the whole welding. The five layers of filter element folding design than other filter provides a larger filter area. A single filter filtration flow can reach 60 m? / h with longer filter life, reduced the frequency of replacement filter, reduces the cost. The overall frame structure has high mechanical strength, not deformation under harsh process conditions. According to the different filter, filter source pall pall filter can choose different thickness and strength of the skeleton. General framework can be used in the general environment. Under the condition of pressure or instantaneous pressure, easy to produce cracks or deformation, affect the filtration efficiency. In the process of storage, pay attention to the storage warehouse pall pall filter, don't put any other harmful gas or corrosive medium, reasonable product placement. In addition, shall ensure that appropriate temperature control, and observe the change of the warehouse as soon as possible. Can be installed or thermometer hygrometer.
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