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Pall pall high flow filter folding wave filter material have what advantage?

by:Lvyuan      2021-02-02
Pall pall high flow filter adopts PP polypropylene material, the filter material with different precision of non-woven fabric, and characteristics of composite filter material, 6 layer winding and become, after folding folding wave type filter material structure can make the filter more pollutant carrying capacity, compared to the surface of the structure of the sintered filter, wave and can provide larger corrupt place, intercept more impurities, have a longer life expectancy. Source pall filter has high flow filter folding wave technology introduced from abroad, corrugated fold as follow, the same height, but there was no difference in the winding, crack spacing between common folding filter ripple happens not average, will cause the use process, the gap in carrying amount, uneven, under pressure, too much pressure lead to filter life shortens greatly, filter 'deep Fried tripe' cannot be used. Source filtration equipment co. , LTD. , located in xinxiang of henan province, is a city known as 'filtration', can come to visit factory actual inspection! ( 24 h hotline: 187 9061 - 0805).
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