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Pall pall high flow filter frame is what material?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Pall pall high flow filter adopts the whole PP polypropylene material, the filter is made from skeleton with thickening PP skeleton, PP material is suitable for most of the working condition of liquid filtration, food and beverage industry process water treatment; All kinds of process fluid, waste water treatment; Power plant water treatment, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis system filter conditions, such as a material PP material was suitable. Pall pall high flow with thickening polypropylene filter skeleton material, in order to avoid the filter in the filter high pressure operation environment, caused by filter strength is not enough life, produce filter flat damage absorption. Pall filter source pall high flow filter by 4. 3 mm thickness skeleton ( Common market frame thickness for 3 mm or less) , the full rate of 98%, one hundred times before the filter factory passes through integrity testing, stress testing and other testing, such as customer found filter problems, even after 24 hours to follow up, to ensure that the filter field usage. High flow filter and filter core, parker, parker filter core, 3 m specific other requirements can consultation telephone: 187 - 9061 - 0805 ( Manager zhang)
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