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Pall pall high flow filter skeleton in detail

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Pall pall high flow filter is divided into a center support skeleton skeleton and no center support two kinds, according to customer needs, most customers need to filter in a harsh environment, so the filter source choose * * * * * * PP filter material, after one thousand times of condition experiments, the production of 4. Under the frame of 2 mm, under the basic frame thickness is 3 mm. Pall pall high flow filter filter edge and high precision operation: 1 - 100 um high precision membrane, 95% intercepting particles, to achieve the level of security filter standard high bearing pressure: using PP thickening skeleton, affordable 4. Zero pressure bar, applicable to the pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, oil and other industries live longer: * * * * * * twists technology introduced from abroad, multi-layer fold effectively increase the filter area, stronger pollutant carrying capacity, can reduce the frequency filter replacement
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