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by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
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PE pipe type filter & throughout; Is made in China at present the most advanced ideal new filter material, the material is by Shanghai pharmaceutical industry research institute to develop successful new products & ndash; — “ The perforated PE filter tube & throughout; , my factory cooperation and use of the product. As the filter medium of a kind of new type & other; Filter & throughout; It can be widely used in national defense, metallurgy, machinery, electroplating, chemical industry, light industry, textile, chemical fiber, pharmacy, mining, food and other industrial production as well as the 'three wastes' treatment and so on in the field of liquid clarification filtration and cake filtration solid-liquid suspension, and gas purification filter. Especially in wastewater treatment, solid-liquid separation is an important link, the waste water after chemical treatment of toxic substances generally appears in solid phase particles or precipitation, it is necessary to filter or centrifugal separation methods, such as, solid-liquid separation, recovery of waste residue, the filtered water to the river or return repeated use of production system. Using this filter, not only compact structure, beautiful modelling, also with strong ability of regeneration of filter medium slag discharge is convenient, can the accused the characteristics of the automatic control. Its birth, immediately in the domestic electroplating, pharmaceutical, chemical and wastewater treatment, the inspection of the practice proves that it is a development prospect of the advanced filtering equipment. “ Porous tubular PE filter & throughout; Is a kind of pressure filter, can be divided into wet slag, two types of dry slag. Equipment is garden cartridge, the top for butterfly or flat cover, pressure gauge mounted on the roof, observation hole, put gas cutting, is blown cutting, etc. , and novel filter medium & ndash; — Of perforated PE pipe, tube bundle form or corrugated form filter plate cylinder is standing in the garden, from out pipe to the outer shell, according to the drainage inlet manifold. By reverse blowing slag discharge is ( 4~6Kg/cm2) Compressed air slag, slag discharge door open by manual or pneumatic control. Web site
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