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PE filter encyclopedia

by:Lvyuan      2021-02-02

PE filter encyclopedia

PE filter also called polyethylene filter, ultra-high molecular sintered filter, material is PE, is more common in industrial water treatment filter, has good filtering performance, small butterfly today with everybody to know PE filter related introduction! Definition

element namely UHMW - PE Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene PE powder as raw material by setting process of sintering filter medium. PE filter medium is chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection industry application of the microporous filter core element. Characteristics of

1 PE UHWM - and material performance PE as main medium has a non-toxic, odourless, no foreign body dissolution, physical security features, in line with the requirements of GMP.
2, chemical performance PE filter medium has excellent corrosion resistance, all kinds of the strong oxidizing acid, alkali resistance, resistance to aldehydes, fat hydrocarbon, resistant to radiation, chemical performance is very good, organic solvent resistance performance is very good also, under 80 ℃ can be resistant to ether ketone, ether and other organic solvents.
3, the highest temperature resistance 30 min WenKeDa 130 ℃ saturated steam resistance, long time continuous use PE does not exceed 80 ℃.
4, mechanical performance has good toughness and strength, impact resistant, installation of transport is not easy to damage.
5, the filter performance highest precision can reach 0. 3 micron, high filtration efficiency, control the starting pressure can effectively remove 0. 3 micron solid particles.
6, the physical properties of medium density light, theory of proportion in 0. 5 - 0. About 7 g/m l.
7, regeneration performance PE medium wool stoma with micro expansion flexibility, can use hydraulic pressure, air pressure or water Air pressure reverse cleaning regeneration work together effectively. Protect its use appropriate concentration of acid to dissolve chemical regeneration of clogs, make medium filtering performance is to bounce back, improve the service life of the medium.
8, processability can use a car, milling, planing, hot, hot welding, in the form of adhesive and secondary processing.

product specifications precision range 0. 2 - 140 um,
diameter range: 10 mm - 120mm.
the commonly used specifications: & Phi; 31 * 20 * 1000Φ 38 * 20 * 1000Φ Φ50 * 20 * 1000 Φ65 * 30 * 1000 70 * 40 * 1000
joint specification & Phi; 36个Φ 30Φ 25个Φ 22个Φ 14个Φ 12
general international pressure type diameter & Phi; 65 diameter & Phi; Length of 30 10, 20, 30, 40 inches
plug-in diameter & Phi; 70 diameter & Phi; Length of 30 10, 20, 30, 40 inches
socket is divided into 226 ( 56 O ring diameter) 222 ( Type O ring diameter 44) Two kinds of
also can produce filter plate: the thickness of the 3 - 50 mm width 1000 mm length of 1500 mm each kind of specification filter plate.

application used in pure water, domestic water, beverage, medical, plating solution, emulsion, washing liquid, liquid filtration and sewage treatment, such as acid and alkali solution can not only filter out suspended solids in liquid, also can remove the chlorine in the liquid, organic impurities, color, odor, etc.
more PE filter related introduction, welcome to contact us!
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