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Petrochemical wastewater treatment method - First separation after decomposition

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Petrochemical wastewater with large waste water, the characteristics of complicated pollutant composition, great water fluctuation, direct emissions will cause serious pollution to water. Beijing chemical industry research institute professor jeng pointed out that the practical separation after decomposition, petrochemical wastewater treatment technology is the first through the separation, adsorption, dredge and activated carbon adsorption, and decomposition.
jeng introduces the practical eight kinds of processing technology: the sludge separation, can be used in the front row mud; Sludge adsorption bed is give priority to in order to reduce the C, especially for refractory oligomer, such as ABS, watch live, rubber adsorption layer, intercept, separation layer, etc. ; 协议- - - - - - WAR separation and decomposition technique of large investment, Siemens recommended technology; Aeration biological filter ( BAF) With the advantages of biofilm technology, and the separation effect is greater than the decomposition. Process adopts appropriate multi-stage tandem method, in order to improve the depth of the biological treatment; Foam separation technology, is to be processed water into the air, make the surface active substances by tiny air bubbles in the water sorption, and with the air bubbles rise to the surface bubbles together, then the separation of the water bubble, so as to remove dissolved and suspended state the purpose of the pollutants in wastewater, the technology has broken the difficult to deal with the problem of organic matter; Ozone catalytic oxidation and biological treatment effect after biological treatment technology co. , LTD. , forward effect significantly increased with oxidation, super oxide ( Burning, supercritical, wet oxidation) Effect is obvious; Membrane bioreactor ( MBR) For complex water quality, sewage treatment is difficult, carefully choose the MBR; Nanofiltration membrane ( NF) Technology.
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