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Plans to thousand island lake water to ensure drinking water safety

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
It is reported, on November 10, the city water conservancy work meeting, announced at the meeting of the municipal water conservancy 'twelfth five-year' plan, 'said a lot of good news, such as: is rushing to thousand island lake water diversion of prophase research work.
at present, people, more than 80% of the water from the qiantang river, improve the standby water system is not completed, sudden water pollution incident, one thousand, in the existing water treatment equipment, it is hard to deal with it. In addition, the intake of water quality is not ideal, the water quality of basic Ⅲ ~ Ⅳ class water, individual session was Ⅴ classes, far less than water Ⅱ class quality goals and objectives. Each year to run into salty tide, water supply, a step-down enterprises and normal water of the people affected.
with the speeding up of city construction, the part of the water conservancy construction of short board also gradually revealed. Such as the weak link of the flood control is more outstanding, the qiantang river, east shao creek river flood control group did not fully formed, last success rate of only 65. 1%. Main drainage capability is seriously insufficient, the existing flood control and drainage planning the urban flood control function is far from reach 20 years for elimination of standards.
at present, is rushing to thousand island lake water diversion of prophase research work. The project plans to invest 15 billion yuan or so, during the 12th five-year plans to invest about 1 billion yuan. This also means that, when people open the faucet and outflow is unlikely to be thousand island lake water. During the period of 'twelfth five-year' quasi investment of 89. 9. 6 billion yuan, the construction of a batch of flood control and drainage key projects, including new jianggan district qiantang river dike reinforcement engineering, qingshan reservoir downstream river channel regulation engineering and so on.
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