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Pleated Filter Cartridge

Micron pleated filter cartridge is a kind of high efficiency and deep filtration filter element for water or air filtration. Pleated filter design it is increased the filtration area. The filtration membrane material has Polypropylene, PTFE, PVDF, PES, and Nylon 66 for optional. Filter size and microns can be customizd, DOE double opened and SOE single opened adaptors can be meet different filter housings. Full range of filtration micron ratings from 0.1 to 100 microns for optional. This type of pleated cartridge filter elements are available in a wide range of chemical treatment application. Pleated filter cartridge are surface filters that prevent sediment from passing through the surface. The cartridge media is pleated to increase the surface area of the filter and hold large amounts of sediment. The pleated media is engineered to form layers for absolute filtration while still capturing particles of different sizes. Therefore – it facilitates fine filtration with nominal and absolute filtration efficiency. The micron scale of pleated filter cartridge is more precise than wirewound or meltblown filters, making it a popular choice for critical applications and high-purity sterile water production.

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Different Types of Pleated Filter Cartridge
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    What are polypropylene (PP) pleated filter cartridge?

    PP pleated filter cartridge are made with 100% polypropylene media. Polypropylene is known for its chemical compatibility. Multi-layer pleated polypropylene construction allows for graded filtration and high dirt-holding capacity.

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    What is a polyester (PE) pleated filter cartridge?

    The PE pleated filter cartridge is made of polyester (100% synthetic media) and is washable so it has a long service life. This also makes them a cost-effective alternative. The pleated variant is ideal for dirt, sand, silt and sediment filtration.

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    What are polyethersulfone (PES) pleated filter cartridge?

    PES Pleated Filter Cartridges are best suited for fine filtration of aqueous solutions, especially in sterile applications.

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    What are PTFE pleated filter cartridge?

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    PTFE pleated filter cartridge are popular in chemical and pharmaceutical applications due to their excellent temperature and chemical resistance. Because PTFE is a hydrophobic material, pleated PTFE filters are widely used in oil and gas applications where process fluids must be protected from moisture and vapor.

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    What is a nylon pleated filter cartridge?

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    Nylon is hydrophilic; therefore, nylon pleated filter cartridge are another solvent-resistant variant. Widely used to filter aqueous and organic solvents. Nylon pleated membrane is strong yet flexible. Nylon 66 is one of the highest quality engineering polymers, offering good mechanical strength, heat resistance, and compatibility with a wide variety of fluids.

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    What is a backwashable pleated filter cartridge?

    Backwashable pleated filter cartridges are filters that are cleaned by reversing the flow of the cartridge elements. Reverse flow removes accumulated particles on the outer surface of the cartridge filter; therefore, the filter media does not clog quickly and the filter element has a very long service life.

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