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Pleated Filter Cartridge Microfiltration Membrane Controlled Evaporation Precipitation Method

by:Lvyuan      2022-07-08
Pleated filter element microfiltration membrane controlled evaporation precipitation method, the method is to dissolve the polymer in a mixed solvent, the mixed solvent is composed of a solvent and a non-solvent (this mixture is used as a solvent for the polymer), and the volatility of the solvent is generally better than that of the non-solvent. Solvents, since solvents are more volatile than non-solvents, as the solvent evaporates rapidly, the non-solvent content in the polymer will increase, eventually causing the polymer to precipitate and form a skinned film. Dissolution method: The performance method is a kind of better method for preparing microfiltration membranes. It has the advantages of simple process, convenient operation, easy control of membrane structure and pore size, etc., so it is often used in laboratories to prepare microfiltration membranes. The film-making method is to first mix a soluble polymer material or other soluble solvent into the film-making substrate, or mix it with water-based solid fine powder, and then dissolve the water-soluble material with water or other solvents after film formation. , so as to form a porous film, such as mixing fine powders such as salt and calcium carbonate into the polymer to form a film, and finally dissolving it with water or acid to obtain a porous film. Example Cellulose diacetate membrane material Cellulose diacetate. Plasticizer: polyethylene glycol. Solvents: acetone, dichloromethane. Process CA and PEG are co-dissolved in a mixed solvent, and the prepared sediment is deposited on a glass plate to scrape the film, then the solvent is evaporated, and the pore-forming polyethylene glycol is dissolved out with water, leaving the void part.
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