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(Pleated filter element) Why should water be sterilized?

by:Lvyuan      2022-07-07
(Pleated filter element) Why do we need to disinfect water? Surface water is often polluted by soil, industrial wastewater, domestic sewage and various impurities, which promotes the growth of bacteria. Sometimes the number of bacteria per milliliter of water can reach tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands; In some waters, E. coli even reaches tens of thousands or more per milliliter. Although in the process of water treatment, most of the bacteria, Escherichia coli, pathogenic bacteria and some other microorganisms adhering to the suspended matter are also removed together through purification processes such as coagulation, sedimentation (or clarification), and filtration. Not completely, there are still a certain amount of microorganisms that are toxic to the human body. In order to protect people's health and prevent the spread of diseases, water must also be disinfected to kill viruses in water. my country's 'Water Quality Standard for Drinking Water' stipulates that the total number of bacteria in the water sample should not exceed 100/mL. Total coliforms or fecal coliforms should not be detected in each 100mL water sample. For this reason, the pleated filter elements are also sterilized after the coagulation and clarification filtration. In industrial cooling water treatment, in order to prevent the circulating cooling water from producing biological slime, the number of aerobic heterotrophic bacteria in the water should not exceed IX 105/mL. Therefore, the filtered water used as the supplementary water for the circulating cooling water system also needs to be Disinfect and sterilize. In the desalted water treatment system, in order to prevent the ion exchange resin from being contaminated by bacteria, it is also necessary to sterilize the raw water. In addition, disinfection can also remove the color of the water.
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