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Polypropylene between flow filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25

polypropylene filter between flow

polypropylene filter between flow profile:
the filter is suitable for large flow and high capacity of sewage applications, it is the filter material with high performance.
set the advantages of ordinary folded filter, and effectively increase the filter area.
it is widely used in power plant of condensed water filtration, microelectronics, film filtration.

polypropylene filter between flow features and specifications:

diameter: mm inner diameter:
'to', other size calling please specify
filter material: folding deep polypropylene
end cover: polypropylene
transformation flange: polypropylene:
filtering precision. Um, um, um, um, such as precision
because of too much precision, call or
please specify suitable precision maximum pressure drop:. Mpa

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