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Polypropylene high flow water filter element has a wide range of uses

by:Lvyuan      2022-01-21
The polypropylene high-flow water filter element is a pleated filter element made of polypropylene. Its use and process are one of the important reasons that determine its popularity in the industry. So, what industries and fields are involved in the application of high-flow water filter elements? First of all, the polypropylene high-flow water filter element is an advanced fixed depth filter. Its unique low pressure difference, high flux, good filtration accuracy and low economic cost have become a new type of filter that replaces non-fixed filters such as thread-type, cotton cake and cardboard and is well received by users. Guangzhou Lvyuan high-flow water filter cartridges are widely used in various industries, including the following major industries: pharmaceutical industry: filtration of medicine, biology, cells, blood products, etc.; chemical industry: filtration of organic solvents, inks, etc.; electronics industry: reverse osmosis Water system pre-filtration, deionized water system pre-filtration; food industry: drinking water, beer, beverage, mineral water, etc. filtration; gas filtration: compressed air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc. filtration; others: electroplating liquid, metal cutting fluid, photosensitive Resist and magnetic media filtration, etc. The main function of the polypropylene high-flow water filter element is filtration, so its filtration process and filtration effect are aspects that require special attention. In the industrial industry, the use of high-flow water filter elements can reduce industrial pollution. During work, it is natural to use large-flow water filters to fully filter. Therefore, it is necessary to make full use of the product's filtration space during the operation of the equipment. , Only by doing this can we get the desired effect.
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