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pool filter maintenance tips - how to clear cartridge filters in 3 steps

by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
You want your pool to be clean and you want it to last for a long time.
But wait a minute-
Have you cleaned the filter cartridge of the swimming pool?
Many homeowners are not interested in the maintenance of pool filters
Until their filters start to bother them.
If you can\'t imagine how incredible complications dirty filters can cause, then you obviously have never had a pool before.
Or you always have some people come over to take care of the maintenance of the pool filter.
But let\'s assume that pool filter maintenance is something you need to take on yourself --
Are you ready?
The correct way to clean up the pool filter cartridge filter can be summarized by three basic steps.
The first step, it is important to gently rinse off the debris and loose dirt on the cartridge.
A word of advice to wise men
You should not do this with a nozzle. Why?
Because if you spray too much or too hard, you end up getting dirt deeper into the cartridge instead of taking it out of the cartridge.
So be careful when flushing, remember that you just have to deal with loose things first.
Next, soak the filter in the cleaner, soak the filter cartridge for one night, in alkaline-
Cleaning-based solutions specially manufactured for ink cartridges.
This is necessary because when acids are able to break down dirt, they cannot break down the captured emulsion and body oiland thus, hold-
Dirt sticks stubbornly to the cartridge.
On the other hand, if you use the cartridge cleaning solution, you can remove dirt, body oil and lotion, thus preventing the dirt from sticking to the filter.
Make sure you do this in a trash can or plastic bucket and you have thoroughly cleaned the dirt and chemicals.
Otherwise, you fail the purpose of soaking.
Because the time is too long, the cartridge cannot be completely immersed in the solution?
Here\'s a quick solution: Soak one end first and then work on the other.
Finally, after completing steps 1 and 2, it is time to thoroughly rinse the cartridge to remove any debris or chemicals remaining.
Again, do not spray directly onto the cartridge --
This will push the dirt of the membrane into rather than discharge.
Make sure to keep the nozzle parallel to the medicine tube film.
The maintenance of the pool filter is not as daunting as you think --
If you have time
If you don\'t, it\'s better to leave the heavy work to professionals who know exactly what to do from the word go.
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