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Power plant instead of 3 m in big flow filter what role?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Power plant in the condensate is inseparable from the water filter processing, including large flow filter function key is 3 m, how does it work?

both groundwater and surface water, may contain iron and aluminum gel, silica gel, colloidal organic colloid and other plus additives.

they are likely to be deposited in the RO membrane surface, the formation of colloid pollution and colloid fouling phenomenon, make the system pressure difference increasing and reduced water rate, desalination rate and difficulty recoil.

as a result, in order to improve the performance of RO membrane, improve the service life of membrane, RO system requires prefiltering, remove large size impurities in raw water and colloid.

are generally twofold of raw water in front of the RO membrane filter: a coarse filter and sand filter or precipitation method is used to remove large particles impurities in raw water; Second, pre filter, using filter the burning stone, with a filter or filter bag removal of raw water of medium and small particles impurities.

3 m large flow filter is a blend of polypropylene ( PP) Melt-blown, multiple composite fiber and discount of patents and other advanced technology, make the single filter maximum capacity can reach 110 t/h, give filter with high precision, high efficiency, high flow rate, deep filtration and the use cycle is long, etc.

element within 1 ~ 70 microns absolute accuracy of 99. 9%. At the same time, adopts the 'O' ring sealing and unique design of nozzle can guarantee the filtration efficiency, prevent side leakage.

3 m large flow filter loose fibrous tissue, high void fraction increased the capacity of impurity amount.

in addition, it has deep 3 d filtering effect, is a compound deep intercept, the larger particles impurities trapped in the fiber surface, and tiny particles are trapped in the deep place, the filter material and filter filtration efficiency has a gradient effect.

from 3 m large flow filter HF004 model data, the filtering efficiency of HF004 filter that accuracy and filtering efficiency is 5 microns in 99. 9%, but HF004 filter during the test, the filtration efficiency is greater than 99 5 microns. 9%, and for 3 of 99 microns particle impurities filtration efficiency. More than 5%.

this means that, in the actual application of the 3 m big flow filter, can filter the small solid particles than claim precision impurities.

when choosing boiler feed water burn stone filter is recommended to choose a rigid structure, high capacity pollutional melt spray or other depth filter can achieve a good filtering effect. High flow, high filtration precision for some 3 m of the application of large flow filter is a good choice.

in addition, the filter operation cost is not decided by the filter price but by the filtration system of cost performance to measure.
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