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PP cotton filter high attention

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
PP cotton filter has solved the different manufacturer of polypropylene cotton filter cannot use and exchange, technology scheme is: including the filter, filter through the lid and polypropylene cotton core fixed installation, PP cotton filter has a gap between the filter wall, filter pipe installation has a center, center seal plate is installed in the bottom of the pipe, used for sealing element, rear cover plate. Due to water pollution, urban water purification equipment and backward technology, poor quality of some internal pipeline network and the user, the roof water tank, the water quality requirement enhances unceasingly, many city tap water users feedback the quality of tap water from time to time. Although the local water department attaches importance to and made a scheme to improve the safety of drinking water, but still needs time, so in order to meet the requirement for water quality, most families will use water purifier to purify water quality, PP cotton filter due to the strong pollution resistance, long service life, low cost and is widely used in water purifiers. Replaceable joint PP cotton filter including the filter, through cover fixed installation within the filter, filter inside with PP cotton filter center have clearance between tube.
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