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PP cotton filter the distortion factor

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
The use of PP cotton filter time is limited, so to replace the new filter in time, but attentive person can discover, when used in the event of deformation, we need to find out why, today small make up PP cotton will be introduced to filter the distortion factor. One reason may be caused by polypropylene cotton filter itself quality is unqualified, the deformation of the long-term use will appear problem, the quality is the key, it is possible that in the process of production of polypropylene cotton filter, did not notice the good process, lead to produce deformation of polypropylene cotton filter, perhaps the human error, perhaps the modeling technology is not enough. Might be to use polypropylene cotton filter feed water pressure is not affected by the control, because all filter has its own pressure value, once more than the value, will be out of shape, when the choice we have based on the good quality of the filter, so as to ensure the use of follow-up, the damage will not occur. PP cotton filter deformation is everybody needs to pay attention to, when the choose and buy, we are going to on the basis of quality, the above hope can bring you help.
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