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by:Lvyuan      2022-07-05
I believe that many families have already installed water purifiers. Water purifiers generally have pre-filters and require daily maintenance. But in daily maintenance, but do not know when to replace, how to replace? Step 1: Close the water inlet valve of the water purifier before opening the faucet of the water purifier. Step 2: Open the pre-filter bottle, remove the old PP cotton, install a new PP cotton, and then tighten the filter bottle cap. Step 3: Open the water inlet valve of the water purifier to the quarter position, exhaust all the air in the water purifier, and press and hold the red pressure reducing valve on the pre-filter bottle during the exhaust process. Step 4: When the air is completely drained, open the water inlet valve of the water purifier to the half position, and continue to discharge water for one minute. Step 5: When the water flow of the purifier is completely normal, open all the water inlet valves and close the faucet that produces purified water. Note: After replacing the PP cotton filter element in the water purifier, close the faucet. If the continuous running time is prolonged, it is due to the air entering the machine. At this time, the machine needs to be exhausted, open the faucet, hold the host with both hands and shake it for 3- 5 times, then invert the main unit for 5 seconds, straighten the main unit, and close the faucet. Through the above detailed introduction, you can fully grasp the replacement steps of PP cotton filter products. In fact, the operation process is very simple, as long as you pay attention to the appropriate opening and closing of the valve That's it. This filter element product is usually used in the filtration of impurities in some food or beverage industries. It can be deeply filtered, has a very stable and efficient performance of removing impurities, and has large processing flow, low pressure difference, and ability to capture impurities. Also very strong. The 3MPP cotton filter element needs to be replaced regularly, and the replacement cycle is recommended to be about three months, or according to the actual water quality and water consumption.
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