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PP filter - water Multi-layer filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Key words: PP water filter, multi-layer

keyword description: PP water filter - Multi-layer filter

PP water filter - Multi-layer filtration performance purpose: multi-layer PP water filter is different precision winding and become, its characteristic is from inner to outer in an accuracy increase gradually, increase the carrying amount, and the service life of the filter element, has a better filtering effect. PP filter - water Multi-layer filtration parameters: suitable PH: 1 - 13 content from the maximum differential pressure: is 0. 4 mpa working temperature: in 0. Categories: 25 mpa, < 70 ℃ structure with skeletons, without skeleton, whether at both ends and end cover filter length: 10 ', 20 ', 30, 40 'PP water filter - Multi-layer application fields: medicine: all kinds of injection, pharmaceutical and injection washing bottle water filtration, large infusion and various kinds of antibiotics, TCM injections of pre filtering. Food industry: wine, beverages, drinking water filtration. Electronic industry: pure water, ultrapure water filter. Petroleum and chemical industry: all kinds of organic solvents, acid, alkali, filter, oil field water injection filter. Guangzhou filter source water filter equipment co. , LTD. Is China's first development and production of water filter various types of products are: PP wire wound filter, PP folded filter, PP melt-blown filter, activated carbon filter, resin filter, big flow filter, and provide the matching equipment professional factories, was also the first three development line around the filter, and participate in the formulation of the chemical wire wound type filter core ( Water filter) One of the industry standard drafting unit. Sincerely look forward to cooperation with you! 。
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