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PP melt-blown filter in environmental protection is widely popular in the market

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
PP melt-blown cartridge can so popular in the market of environmental protection, and its advantages are inseparable. Let the filter for you in detail:

PP melt-blown filter has the following characteristics:
a, polypropylene as raw materials, production by spray welding process of continuous polypropylene filament winding.
2, high filtration precision, large flow, uniform structure, carrying quantity is big, long service life, low price etc.
3, have good chemical compatibility, without any additives, fiber is not easy to fall off.
4, applied widely.
PP melt-blown filter has high dirt intercept ability: melt-blown filter achieve the effect of capture of particles according to the density, the effectiveness of the filter to get maximum play; Higher dirt intercept ability means longer service life and low change frequency and cost saving; The surface of the filter density is low, and from the surface to the filter center position, density increased gradually; Do not reduce the fluid velocity and increase frequency of replacement of surface blind spots.
pure polypropylene structure: high temperature melt fiber; Does not contain moisturizing agent, antistatic agent and binder, etc. ; A wide range of chemicals to bear ability; After burn to ashes is easy to handle; In line with the requirements of the FDA's food; Won't produce dissolution content and release content.

henan filtering technology co. , LTD. The production of PP melt-blown cartridge length range from 5 'to 70'. Can also according to the specific requirements of customers of different length, outer diameter, inner diameter and filtration precision products. I company specializing in the production, the honest code of honor's work principle, the environmental protection filter the industry get the favour of the new and old customers. And we put the high quality and high specifications of the products is presented to the customer, it also has the perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sale service system.
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