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PP melt water jet cartridge filter 30 inches

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

PP melt water jet cartridge filter '

PP melt water jet cartridge filter' introduction:

PP melt-blown cartridge with skeleton and without frame difference, this can according to customer's requirement.
the melt-blown filter and melt-blown fine lines and melt-blown grooving. Filter on the surface of deep hole groove structure.
at the same time, by way of hot melt molding,
don't add the jehol adhesives.

PP melt water jet cartridge filter inches parameters:

diameter: standard filter mm, mm, non-standard can be
diameter: according to customer's requirement is varied, such as: mm, mm, mm, mm, length:

can also according to customer's requirement: the filter material polypropylene
gasket: nitrile rubber
filtration precision: um, um, um, um, see the customer request

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