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Practical description of water purifier pre-filter

by:Lvyuan      2022-05-21
At present, there are various brands of water purifiers on the market. If you look closely at the description of water purifiers, you will always see the terms microfiltration, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis. Remind the public not to let all kinds of filters get dizzy, but to recognize the scientific concept of water purifier consumption. When operating the water purifier, we should pay attention to the following problems: 1. In addition to the type of water purifier filter element, no matter what kind of water purifier is selected, there are specific operating requirements, which must be operated in accordance with the operating specifications. 2. When operating, pay attention to the normal working pressure specified by the water purifier, and also pay attention to the rated pressure during safe work. Be careful not to exceed it, otherwise it may affect the water purification effect. 3. Dosing an appropriate amount of medicine to the water purifier can maintain the normal operation of the water purifier, and also guarantee the quality of the effluent. The dosage can be controlled and adjusted according to the turbidity of the water, and strive to achieve a better effluent purification effect. 4. The recoil of the water purifier can be controlled according to the turbidity of the effluent, and the recoil of the water purifier can also be carried out regularly, and in the process of flushing, it should be cleaned carefully. 5. The sedimentation area of u200bu200bthe water purifier should be discharged regularly. The mud discharge cycle can be adjusted according to the turbidity change of the effluent. Pay more attention to the mud discharge process to ensure the quality of the purified water. 6. It is necessary to strictly manage the chlorination and disinfection equipment of the water purifier, because it is an indispensable supporting equipment for the water purifier. 7. If it is found that the water purifier is faulty, it is necessary to solve the fault of the water purifier in time to ensure normal use. Pre-filter and its main function In order to kill bacteria, we generally use the method of boiling, but this method cannot remove insoluble solid impurities and harmful chemicals in water, such as rust, sand, mud, Free residual chlorine and its compound chloroform (carcinogen). The pre-filter is a reliable impurity filtration device, which can filter out particulate impurities above 40-90 microns and restore the water quality to the standard pre-filter when it leaves the factory. The filter is generally installed at the water inlet of the system. Because of its powerful filtering function, it can prevent secondary pollution of drinking water system. Usually, a pre-filter is installed after the user's water inlet water meter to protect the safety and cleanliness of the downstream pipes and equipment of the system. It not only provides filtered clean water for downstream, but also fully protects the entire water system and its equipment. The main function of the pre-filter is to intercept the coarse particles of impurities, sediment and rust that are harmful to household water pipes and wading equipment in the water. After these impurity particles enter the water pipe, the water pipe and the wading equipment installed on the water pipe (such as washing machines, dishwashers, water softeners, water purifiers and water heaters, etc.) may be damaged or even completely destroyed. Valves, connecting fittings and screens in the wading system will therefore need to be replaced. It can be installed and used at home, and it is also suitable for independent installations upstream of the following equipment or systems to play a positive protective role, such as: water purifiers, dishwashers, coffee machines, water heaters, boilers, washing machines, floor heating, radiators, central Air conditioners, cooling towers, motors, hospitals, home garden irrigation (such as micro-irrigation, drip irrigation systems), etc. It can prevent water pollution and prevent pipeline corrosion.
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