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by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
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the precision filter product synopsis: this filter equipment is mainly used to remove suspended matter in raw water, sediment, iron, manganese and condensed flakes and precipitation method can remove adhesive colloid particles, etc. Equipment generally consists of steel lining plastic or steel with epoxy resin. By special anthracite powder, quartz sand, manganese sand, according to the different size reasonable distribution, so as to achieve the purpose of the primary purification of water. Precision filter ( 0. 2 - 50um) Precision filter device ( Also known as security filters) Mostly adopts stainless steel shell, internal filter filter ( PP cotton, for instance) After, mainly used in the pretreatment of medium filter, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membrane filtration equipment before. Used to filter out fine after multiple medium filtering material ( For example, the tiny quartz sand, activated carbon particles, etc. ) In order to ensure the water quality filtration precision and protective film filter element is not damaged by big particles qualitatively. Precision filtering device built-in filter filter precision grade can be divided into 0. 5 us, us, us 5, 10 us, etc. , according to the different make have occasion to choose different filtration precision, to ensure that the water after precision and ensure the safety of level after membrane element. By precision filtering device is mainly composed of filter shell, filter, filter and so on, most of the filter housing is composed of R304 stainless steel materials, such as used in the acid and alkali resistance and other special occasions can R316 stainless steel shell. Can be divided into flange and clamp, and flange shell mainly use in place of filtering flow is larger. Cartridge filter filter shell is set mainly PP filter cotton core, also can choose some occasions wire wound filter or activated carbon filter. Filter installation number can range from a to dozens of branch, mainly according to the size of the capacity to determine. Web site
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