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Precision filter and bag filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Water treatment industry, often to meet precision filter and bag filter, then what is the difference between them? These two filter which is high precision, precision filter can replace bag filter?
the precision filter if used in front of the reverse osmosis, often called security filters, security filters, that is, into the membrane water security, general precision is chosen as 5 micron, if used for reverse osmosis or behind the back of the ultrafiltration membrane, precision filter, also known as microporous membrane filter, the filter precision is usually in 1 micron, mainly removed by uv sterilizer, intercept the bacteria in the water impurities. Precision filter filter cable around the filter, folded filter and melt-blown filter, because of the price cheap, melt-blown cartridge so melt-blown filter in water treatment to use most, filter blocked the direct replacement, cost little.
the precision filter selection:

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built-in non-woven bag filter filter bag, generally have 1 micron, 200 microns, the filter bag before no one micron accuracy, with the development of science and technology, now has 1 micron filter bag, but the precision of less than 1 micron is no bag, bag filter used in the filtration of large flow, each bag can filter the flow of 40 tons/hour, can tear open come down to clean the filter bag, instead of every time can be replaced, which greatly saves the operation cost.
bag filter selection

the precision filter and a little of each have each of the bag filter, bag filter with large flow, the characteristics of can unpick and wash, and the precision filter has characteristics of high precision, so the actual use is in accordance with the requirements of water quality for selection.
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