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Precision filter core selection

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Precision filter is through the filter interceptor filter suspended solids, is different from the quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, fiber ball filter of fiber bundles, he is filled with the corresponding packing to filter, due to the relatively high precision filter filter precision, after water treatment equipment are used for various mechanical filter for further processing.
precision filter filter is divided into the security filter filter, precision filter filter, microporous membrane filter, titanium rod filter. Filter interface has flat pressure precision filter, plug-in precision filter; Including 226 plug-in precision filter core type, 222 type, 220 type, 215 type. Plug-in precision filter working principle, is the size of the socket is not the same.
one, insert type filter core interface size:
model inside diameter ( mm) The outside diameter ( mm)
226 type 43. 9 56. 5
222 type 32. 1 to 44. 3
type 220). 6 to 33. 9
215 type 23. 1 to 31. 3
2, water treatment filter size
filter length: 10 inches, 20 inches, 30 inches, 40 inches
conventional filter diameter for: & Oslash;
filter for regular diameter: 30 & Oslash; 62
3, filter filter precision:
precision filter accuracy are: 0. 1um 0. 2um 0. 45 um um um um 5 3 1 October 30 50 um um um um 20
4, big flow precision filters
flow precision filter outside diameter is 152 mm and 160 mm, each 40 inches of filter processing flow of more than 30 tons.
so we consider the economy on the precision filter selection, filter production costs to selection of tank, large flow with large flow filter, relatively low cost and small flow regular small diameter filter cost is low.
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