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Precision filter filter to how to change?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Precision filter working principle and function is largely determined by its filter to. Then, when the precision filter filter problems or work not smooth, how to filter for replacement?

the precision filter cartridge replacement steps:

down and landed on the manhole cover; Tighten the filter pressure nut, remove the pressure plate, remove the filter, flush device; Clean up and down at the ends of the filter positioning circuit, water washing and insert the ends of the new filter;

the new filter down one end of the locating ring is inserted into the porous plate hole;

on a shaft rod, insert the platen, insert the filter upper locating ring corresponding clamp hole, tighten the nut pressure; Filter installed, installed on the manhole cover, boot drainage systems;

open the inlet valve, exhaust valve, when the water is full of equipment, purification valve open and close the discharge valve, observe the clean water discharge, water without white foam, can run normally.

the precision filter cartridge replacement notice:

1, filter both belong to the core parts, also belong to the damaged parts, need special protection.

2, pay special attention to in the process of cleaning filter cleaning, not to deformation or damage, otherwise can reduce filtration precision and can not meet the production requirements.

3, if discover filter deformation or damage, should be replaced immediately.

4, some precision filter elements cannot be used again and again, such as bag filter element, polypropylene filter element.
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