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Precision filter PP filter element replacement

by:Lvyuan      2022-05-24
The working principle of the PP filter element of the precision filter adopts the shaped filter material, under the action of pressure, the raw liquid passes through the filter material, the filter residue remains on the tube wall, and the filtrate flows out through the filter material, so as to achieve the purpose of filtration. The formed filter materials include filter screen, PP filter element, wire wound filter element, sintered filter tube, etc. Due to different filter materials, the filtration aperture is also different. Precision filter is a kind of filtration between coarse filtration and ultrafiltration. The filter pore size is generally in the range of 0.5~120m. Features of precision filter 1. High filtration precision and uniform filter element aperture. 2. The filtration resistance is small, the flux is large, the interception ability is strong, and the service life is long. 3. The filter element material has high cleanliness and no pollution to the filter medium. 4, acid, alkali and other chemical solvents. 5. High strength, high temperature resistance, and the filter element is not easy to deform. 6. Low price, low operating cost, easy to clean, no need to use tools to replace the filter element, convenient and quick.
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