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Precision filter ( Precision filter cores)

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Within the precision filter precision filter, filter generally adopted external pressure type, water through the filter tiny pores, into the heart of the filter tube out of the water, microporous intercept the water quality of tiny impurities, its ability to intercept the impurities are mainly determined by the aperture of the filter element, the general market is 100 um filter precision, 50 um, um, um 20, 10 um, 5 um, um, 1 0. 嗯,45 0。 22um,0. 1um。 Precision filters
precision filter commonly used in quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, ion exchanger, on the one hand,
further processing of tiny impurities in water, on the other hand to prevent before crushing quartz sand, activated carbon, ion exchange,
through the water distribution device to the next working procedure.
filter type and characteristics of

1, melt-blown filter, characteristic: the price is low, aperture is in commonly 3 um, market consumption.
2, wire wound filter characteristics: low prices, aperture is in commonly 3 um, can be reused after cleaning.
3, fold filter characteristics: high precision, high cost, generally used in pure water processing.
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