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MBR membrane

Precision membrane filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

precision membrane filter shell material is commonly, stainless steel. Filter mainly adopts the folding membrane filter ( Hyperlink) 。 High filtration precision, big filter area, no residual liquid and low operating differential pressure. Filter material in accordance with the FDA and GMP requirements, which are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, electronics, ultrapure water purification.

precision membrane filter technique parameter:
liquid aseptic: for filtering precision. 、. 、. Um material imported PES ( Polysulfone) Membrane aseptic:
gas filtration precision. 、. 、. Um material imported PTFE ( Ptfe) Film
food and pure water: for filtering precision. 、. 、. 、. 嗯,。 Um adopts the PP ( Poly acrylic) Film
import and export of pipe diameter using fast health level, specifications for the DN, DN, DN, DN, DN.
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