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Prevention and control the outbreak, innovation and development | open to return to work and production mode

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Henan filtering technology co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as 'company') On February 24, 2020 officially return to work and production.

company 'insist on two head caught together, determined to pay special attention to the epidemic prevention and control, as a whole pays special attention to the construction preparation'. For a solid epidemic prevention and control work, start to create a safe production environment, the company established, epidemic prevention and control group, according to the trajectory and staff activities into the Spaces, public facilities, has carried on the strict disinfection.

company with 'no risk, not to spread the risk, don't take risk,' the objective, February 24, 2020, the company began to establish the following safety measures:

(1) staff issued a mask every day to work, and set up office space disinfection epidemic prevention;

2. All employees must be in the office area and the journey throughout the day, all wearing a mask.

3. If you are returned employees, please strictly in accordance with the requirements for isolation, it is strictly prohibited to work do not meet the isolation requirements.

to employee health, requires every morning before going to work at home for personal body temperature measurement, such as the temperature is higher than 37. 2 ℃ is strictly forbidden to work, and immediately inform the unit leadership. Company set temperature monitoring stations at the gate of the factory, all the staff all accept temperature measurement, the other between 10 am and 4 PM work temperature measurement, such as too high a temperature, doctor and isolation in accordance with the relevant provisions.

'contact, at least minimum cross'

company provide employees with more nutritious lunch, free access to post personnel, bring your own tableware, time-sharing repast, avoid face to face. Strict controls of conference and business travel, if you need a meeting with a video or telephone conference is given priority to, if you want to travel, must go through the company for approval.

many people wear masks during office, keep ventilated, frequent hand washing, don't touch nose and mouth and eyes. Strict implementation of disinfection management, workplace trajectory according to employee activities, company employee may enter the space of place and public facilities to conduct a comprehensive control, arrange personnel daily routine disinfection, ensure the safety of the employees work area.

2020 commencement of business, the company insist on principle of epidemic prevention and control and production management, achieve balanced, scientific decision-making, precise ShiCe, ensuring the security of the employees; Achieve safety in production, fine production, precision production, lean production.

set the power of the national war 'disease' is, as long as we unite, there is nothing we cannot beat the Chinese nation. Company staff heart is wuhan, cheer for wuhan compatriots! Unity is strength, overcome difficulties, I believe we can spend the difficulties, a better future!
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