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Principle of the air filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Air filter is a kind of absorption and intercept the tiny dust in the air and the suspension device. Can be applied to large air flow ventilation system, pharmacy, hospital, food, clean room air filtration system, etc. With the larger filter area and volume. With a large amount of dust, low resistance, long life, wide range of characteristics. From the point of view of the model, and the air filter can be divided into two kinds of structure, framed and the frameless. Their filtering principle is the same. The principle of the filter can be specific analysis from four aspects. One is to intercept. Two aspects of inertia and diffusion, electrostatic interaction, chemical filtration four aspects. In short, the interception is to stick the dust particles in the air. When these tiny particles in the process of movement into the effect of air filter, they will be stuck, and smaller dust will collide with each other. At that time, it will be combined into larger particles and settling down. Inertia and diffusion means that when the dust is turbulence, because of inertia, the particle will deviate from direction, when they hit fiber will be stuck. Static because of the influence of fiber is charged, when they meet with tiny dust, they are natural adsorption.
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