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Printed circuit board is analysed and comprehensive treatment and reuse of wastewater

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Overall production circuitry board in grinding was carried out on the PCB board, etching, plating, hole metallization, enhancement, and take off the membrane process in the process of PCB waste water is produced. PCB wastewater treatment mainly include the following:
1. Complexing cupric wastewater ( Copper ammonia complex wastewater treatment)
the Cu2 + heavy metals in wastewater with ammonia to form a stable complex compound, adopt the method of average hydroxyl coagulation reaction could not form copper hydroxide precipitation, must first destroy the complex structure, then coagulation precipitation. Commonly used sulfide method for processing, vulcanization method refers to the use of S2 - and copper sulfide ammonia complexation ion Cu2 + in the generated CuS precipitation, make the separation of copper from waste water, and an excess of S2 - with ferric salt production FeS precipitate removal. Water treatment process is as follows:

copper ammonia complex wastewater to adjust pool to break complex reaction pool, the coagulation reaction tank - inclined tube sedimentation tank - middle - filter - pH callback pool pool ->
reaction conditions of emissions control according to the different water quality GeChang determined in debugging. General before plus sulfide break complex agent such as switch to a neutral or alkaline pH value, prevent the formation of hydrogen sulfide, or switch to a slightly acidic pH. Sulfide o-phenylenediamine according to the amount of copper ammonia complex ion in the waste water to determine, generally put too much medicine. In complex pool installation ORP meter measuring, as potential reach - 300 mv, Experience value) Believe that excess sulfide, reaction completely. For excess adopt the method of adding the ferrous salt removing sulfide, ferrous dosing quantity according to debug, quantitative join through the flowmeter. Break complex pool reaction time is 15 ~ 20 minutes, the coagulation reaction pool reaction time is 15 ~ 20 minutes.
to take off the printing ink wastewater membrane and to take off the printing ink wastewater due to less water, generally USES the batch processing, using organic ink under acid condition, separated from the wastewater produced the nature of the suspended solids and remove, after pretreatment, the printing ink wastewater, can be mixed in the synthetic wastewater with subsequent processing, such as water can separate the biochemical method is adopted for processing. Water treatment process is as follows:

- acidification slag pool - organic ink wastewater discharged into comprehensive wastewater pool or biochemical treatment
when the amount of waste water, the reaction pool of ink particles on bubble form scum, the effect of buoyancy down out of the water, can be skimmed with artificial methods, When water is big, plate and frame filter press dewatering are available, and also can undertake biochemical treatment after skimming, further removal of COD. Specific see more related technical documents.
3. Integrated circuit board wastewater
this kind of wastewater containing acid and alkali, Cu2 +, Sn2 + and Pb2 + comprehensive heavy metal waste water, the same as the composite electroplating wastewater treatment methods, hydroxyl coagulation sedimentation method processing.
4. A variety of circuit board wastewater comprehensive treatment
when a circuit board factory wastewater containing more than several PCB, copper ammonia complexation wastewater should be comprehensive, printing ink wastewater, heavy metal waste water diversion collection, printing ink wastewater after preprocessing, got into the comprehensive wastewater with subsequent processing, copper ammonia complexation waste water after treatment alone into the integrated wastewater treatment system.
5. Processing technological process to adjust the following
copper ammonia complexation wastewater pool to break complex reaction pool, the coagulation reaction tank - inclined tube sedimentation tank - middle ->
organic ink wastewater acidification pool slag pool - into the comprehensive wastewater pool
comprehensive wastewater to comprehensive wastewater pool, fast mixing pool - slow mixing pool - inclined tube sedimentation tank - middle pool - filter -> pH callback pool - emissions.
water treatment equipment: in view of the different features of PCB waste water, the processing should be carried out for different wastewater, take different approaches for processing.
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