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Printing and dyeing wastewater treatment in the developed countries

by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
A printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, the western developed countries:
1, Italy, Japan and other printing and dyeing wastewater treatment using combined sewage factory processing and the processing method. After the preliminary processing of printing and dyeing wastewater after reaching a certain standard and urban sewage mixed together into the sewage treatment plant. So that we can improve the effect of subsequent processing, if the dyeing factory, focuses on filter processing to achieve discharge standard.
2, Germany because of industry concentration, generally USES ChanChang processing mode for processing. Built in dyeing wastewater treatment plant of wastewater treatment plant to produce, because of the clean production and recycling of water resources are doing relatively well, water treatment effect of treated water can reach discharge standards. Germany's printing and dyeing wastewater is also less, and processing technology is mature, even achieve 'zero emission' individual plant.
2, about the printing and dyeing wastewater treatment technology,
printing and dyeing wastewater is mainly organic pollution, so the processing method is given priority to with biochemical method, disable sulphur dyes, abroad for wastewater quantity is little, the equipment is given priority to, the water or in the structure of course is given priority to, but from the analysis on the principle of processing technology, seems to be a huge difference, but from the technical depth, degree of automation, equipment, quality is higher than the domestic level.
3, Chinese and foreign printing and dyeing wastewater treatment difference
the difference of printing and dyeing wastewater treatment at home and abroad, mainly in the following:
1, environmental legislation and law enforcement different
the foreign environmental legislation is very strict, and punishment of environmental pollution by enterprises and individuals is also very strict. Our environmental legislation is not perfect enough, not reached yongping, the developed countries has also been the interference factors in the process of law enforcement, law enforcement is not enough. Has a printing and dyeing wastewater to deal with the unit, also can seek advice to sewage treasure project service platform has the similar experience in sewage treatment enterprises.
2, different products, profits, and environmental protection in different
in China is a developing country, the grade of the printing and dyeing products is lower, focused on the cheap products, profit is very low. For example, at present our country meter of fabric dyeing, processing fee is only 0. 4 - 0. 5 yuan, some lower, the same production of printing and dyeing products in developed countries is higher, high value-added products, lead to high profit products, is a foreign investment in domestic dye house, processing cost 10 yuan more to one meter. Therefore, investment in printing and dyeing wastewater treatment in the developed countries is higher, in contrast, for China's printing and dyeing wastewater is relatively small, investment of urban sewage plant in our country, in principle is every tons of water treatment is 3000 yuan, or invest in a 100000 tons/day city sewage effluent, about an investment, and much higher difficulty of printing and dyeing wastewater treatment plant, processing one ton of water only - 1000 1200 yuan, so the level, quality, degree of automation, operation cost and large difference.
3, cleaner production, recycling concepts and differences in
at present more and more applied to the concept of cleaner production in the enterprise, hope that the whole production process from the enterprise implementation of cleaner production, as far as possible to reduce the environmental pollution and destruction. But from the perspective of the development of our country, the real implementation of clean production and effective domestic enterprises is less, instead of wasting resources of things happen. And abroad on the implementation of cleaner production and range is very large, across the country to carry out the enterprise implementation of cleaner production activities, has achieved good results. Production process significantly reduce the resource waste, increase the efficiency of water reuse, recycling waste of useful resources, reduce the cost of the product. All of these prove the importance and necessity of implementing clean production.
4, different management level
understanding of environmental and economic factors, factors such as local protectionism, outside the middle management, vary widely.
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