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Private entrepreneurs talk about environmental protection

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
February 23 ~ 24, 2013, Chinese entrepreneurs BBS in yabuli on the 13th annual meeting. This year's theme is: reform and open new bureau - — Entrepreneurial spirit and China's future.
some business leaders attending the meeting on public topic to show an interest - — Alibaba chairman jack ma talked about Beijing haze, vanke chairman wang shi called on entrepreneurs don't migrants, chairman and CEO of taikang life dung-sheng Chen son is to share the experience as village officials.
the concerns of the ma
ma concerns beyond the industry, in addition to the fog haze weather of Beijing, he also worry about cancer to human body.
'alibaba taobao has never let me sleep. 'He said, let him sleep is drinking water safety and food safety.
when it comes to the understanding of happiness, ma said, the most basic of happiness is the sunshine, want to have water, have the wood, for food, to have the sun. Talk about the environmental protection works, he thought, really need is each person's action, rather than wait for a certain action of the organization. He to the west lake as an example, 'thirty years ago I saw the west lake in the inside can wash the dishes, laundry, think what no one. Today you throw a dish leather in the west lake, people will tell you can't do that, this is a kind of consciousness. ”
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