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Processing industry pattern status quo of water pollution in our country

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Rogers when it comes to China's economic priority that really could put an end to China's prosperity is: water crisis.
according to China's official figures, China's seven major river more than half of the river water quality pollution. 35 key lakes has 17 serious pollution, more than 90% of urban water pollution is serious, more than 50% of the town's water supply is not in conformity with the drinking water standard, 40% of the water is not drinkable. The southern city of 60 ~ 70% of total water deficit is caused by water pollution. Of environmental protection, according to our country 90% urban groundwater from different level of organic and inorganic pollution of poisonous and harmful pollutants.
in the water pollution increasing government also intensify the pollution at the same time. Have, according to data from 2001 to 2011, 10 years, the number of municipal sewage treatment plant average annual growth rate of about 13%, capacity growth rate of 23%. By 2011, our country built of urban sewage treatment plant more than 3100 seats, daily sewage treatment capacity of more than 1. 500 million cubic meters, urban wastewater treatment rate to 82. 6%. Judging from the number, the degree of marketization operation is about 50%, which accounted for most of the BOT project quantity.
the current relatively backward sewage treatment operation mode severely restricts the sewage disposal process and results. 'Now some projects is a loss-leader, basic mode of operation, because takes the lead time is longer, can sometimes lead to profit is to kill off. 'According to industry insiders. Cic advisory environmental protection industry researcher Hou Yuxuan remember in accept the China sankei shimbun said in an interview: water treatment equipment industry is in the nature of public utilities, water services in the field of development of market and government linked bottleneck is the money problem.
in addition, the water treatment industry concentration degree is low, the largest water group, the service market share of 5%. Market overstretched restricted the industry's technological progress and the intensive services. 'Lack of leading enterprises in the market at present, because the market is relatively scattered. 'The personage inside course of study.
although capital market with water treatment equipment market, but capital precipitation sex industry, water treatment service is single equity and bond financing of capital market, the industry body raised the cost of capital is huge, but the characteristics of the industry itself determine its difficult to support the high yield of capital requirements. Low income to match the industry development, serious lack of stable financial supporting tools.
water treatment industry generally adopted franchise mode, the government through the enterprise planning or negotiation form, the waterworks construction and waterworks operation to the operator, the fixed number of year of franchising recycling costs provided by the government operating costs. This operating mode is part market, enterprise cost large initial investment, long payback period and had a lot of difficulty in financing channels to find. Fundamentally change the phenomenon, the government needs to reform water charging system, reverse of water price upside down.
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