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Processing status and groundwater treatment method in our country

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
The newly released '2011 China gazette of land and resources, according to the current national urban groundwater level - poor poor water proportion has more than half, the groundwater quality is not optimistic. Manganese in the groundwater mainly exist iron paint, conductivity ultra-high generally in more than 2000 us, hardness, cannot satisfy the need of production and life.
2011, 200 cities across the country to carry out the groundwater quality monitoring. On the 4727 water quality monitoring stations, sampling test and analysis results show that the water quality in good level accounted for 11% of the total monitoring; Water quality in good level accounted for 29. 3%; Water quality is better level of 4. 7%; Water quality is poorer level of 40. 3%; Water quality was very poor level of 14. 7%. Water quality is poor - poor level of 55. 0%, was more than good - good - good level of water.
compared with last year, there are continuous monitoring data of water quality monitoring city a total of 176, 66% of the city groundwater quality is given priority to with stable condition, water quality showed a trend of getting better and the variation tendency of urban proportion almost. The variation trend of the city are mainly distributed in gansu, qinghai, zhejiang, fujian, jiangxi, hubei, hunan, yunnan province part of the city.
experts respond to tap the percent of pass is only 50% of the 'national census' according to the latest sampling factory in 2011 water quality standard
83% tap water from water into homes, go through the source water, filtration, disinfection, water, water four links. Four links are at different levels of security risk. Public water supply factory in China, the vast majority of the traditional process has been used in one hundred, sometimes can't completely remove some of the pollutants from water source.
I company specializing in the production of water treatment equipment, adopt advanced technology and mature technology that aeration + manganese sand filter, softening, meet the normal production and living water, if meet the requirements of pure water equipment, must adopt reverse osmosis equipment technology, through the ultra high ion membrane process water, achieve the goal of purified water, in the more widely used, also to good evaluation.
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