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Filter Paper Machine To Make Filter Cartridges Pleat


Pleated design increased the filtration area for deep filtration.


The large diameter with big filter area insures to reduce the number of filter cartridge and dimension of housing required.


All pleated filter cartridges are made from high purity polypropylene materials and manufactuered and assembled in a clean environment to minimized the possibility of containation.

The cutter of the pleating machine set to cut off a certain length of pleated membrane. One worker will gathering the pleated membrane into a box and forward to next procedure. Putting quality lab tested filtration media with suitable width on a roller, pleating machine starts making some plates as trial running to adjust pleating speed and pleating height. This type of water filter cartridge are available in a wide range of chemical compatibility.

Main PP Pleated Filter Cartridges

Micron pleated filter cartridge is a kind of high efficiency and deep filtration filter element for water or air filtration. Pleated filter design it is increased the filtration area. The filtration membrane material has

Polypropylene, PTFE, PVDF, PES, and Nylon 66 for optional. Filter size and microns can be customizd, Welcome to your inquiry.

High 222 Fin Filter Cartridge

DOE Filter Cartridge

DOE Filter Cartridge

SS222 Flat Filter Cartridge

222 Flat SS Filter Cartridge

High 222 Flat Filter Cartridge

222 Flat Filter Cartridge

SS226 Fin Filter Cartridge

226 Fin SS Filter Cartridge

226 Fin Filter Cartridge

226 Fin Filter Cartridge

215 Flat Filter Cartridge

215 Flat Filter Cartridge

High Flow Filter Cartridge

high flow filter cartridge

OEM Different SIizes Of PP PES PTFE Nylon Filter Cartridges, Get A Quote Now!

Tell us your requirement. Our engineer will help you make the custom filter cartridge for you.

  1. Side Seam Thermal Welding

We Are Ready To Custom Your Pleated Filter Cartridges

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