Lvyuan Industrial Filtration Solution

How to produce pleated filter cartridge ?

  1. 1. Filter paper machine to make filter cartridges pleat.
  2. 2. Side Seam Thermal Welding.
  3. 3. Cartridge shape.
  4. 4. End cap welding
  5. 5. Fitting end cap welding and filters length connecting welder Fitting end cap.
  6. 6. Length connecting.

Filter paper machine to make filter cartridges pleat.

 Pleated design increased the filtration area for deep filtration.


The large diameter with big filter area insures to reduce the number of filter cartridge and dimension of housing required.


All pleated filter cartridges are made from high purity polypropylene materials and manufactuered and assembled in a clean environment to minimized the possibility of containation.

  1. Side Seam Thermal Welding


Cartridge shape


Putting the suitable length pleated membrane which contains an inner core inside into the outer cage.


Assembled Semi-finished filters which placed neatly to clean and tidy box, waiting for the next step. 

Completed product.

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