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Ptfe membrane folding filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
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teflon filter is made of imported PTFE for pore membrane and non-woven or folding screen support layer, filter shell, center pole, end cover are polypropylene material, sealing the parts for thermal fusion welding technology forming, the overall sealing performance is good, no leakage, pollution-free product features: & middot; Membrane has a strong hydrophobic, in wet or dry conditions can ensure absolute aseptic, 100% filtered air bacteria between China & middot; High temperature resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance & middot; The initial low differential pressure, gas flux is big, long service life applications: & middot; Fermentation tank, storage tank, ingredients can of sterile exhaust inlet & middot; Steam filtration & middot; High purity gas & electronics industry middot; Compressed air aseptic filtration & middot; Parameters: organic solvent aseptic filtration technology & middot; The filtration precision: liquid: 0. 2um 0. 45嗯· Gas: 0. 02um, 0. 05年嗯· Filter length: 5 & throughout; 10 ' ’ 20' 30' 40' · Outer diameter: 69 mm & middot; Inside diameter: 28 mm & middot; Filter filter area: 0. 6平方米。 The highest working temperature: 90 oc & middot; The maximum differential pressure: 0. 42 mpa, 25摄氏度· The biggest pressure difference: 0. 2 mpa, 25摄氏度· Steam sterilization: 121 oc every half an hour for example: WPTFE - 0025 - 10 - 二世, S ptfe, aperture is 0. 2μ M, 10 inches in length, double openings, with silicone rubber ring notice: generally not suitable for the following situations: when halogen hydrocarbon, such as trichloroethylene, methylene chloride, etc. Aromatic hydrocarbons, such as benzene, toluene, etc. ; When there are such as gasoline, anhydrous ethane, etc. Can provide other filtration precision or gauge specifications of products. Flow/pressure differential data for the design reference, filter factory for plastic bag packing, equipped with o-rings, according to need on the filter & throughout; ANOW” On the surface, and engraved with filter material and filtration precision. Web site
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