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Pure water equipment and water purification equipment

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
We often hear about the customer said we need to water purification equipment or we need pure water equipment, actually asked carefully, many of them confuse water purification equipment and water purification equipment, that is pure water equipment, water purification equipment is clean water, pure water after filtration, actually this view is wrong.
water purification equipment, just as its name implies is the water, water purification filter main indicators is suspended solids, sensory indicators, such as turbidity and bacteria in general is mainly the water purification, water purification by quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, filter medium, manganese sand filter, precision filter, sterilizer to filter the suspended solids in the water.
purified water equipment, his attention is ion in water, the water ion is less, the higher the degree of purification, generally adopts the reverse osmosis, ion exchange equipment, higher request him to purify water, but not require suspended matter, less and less need to the ions in the water.

these, water purification equipment, and the concept of pure water equipment is completely different, generally speaking, the pure water effluent is higher than the water purification equipment, water equipment, of course, the same water price is more expensive than pure water equipment, water purification equipment.
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