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Pure water equipment workshop design

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
A design scheme, pure water
1, personnel purification steps: take off the coat more clean clothes to wash, to blow pipe, workshop;
2, material purification steps: bottle down outsourcing -> check the bottle - washing bottle - disinfection ( Ozone mixing tower) 4, all wall and wall, wall and floor, wall and ceiling joint R Angle transition. See below:
6, purification system of the original unchanged, replacement of filters, and gabriel in filling level supply a set of smallpox.
7 by purifying lamp, lighting, intensity of illumination should be not less than 220 lx
8, had better add dehumidifier one, in order to meet the specification requirements.
2, pure water is designed on the basis of:
drinking water health standard GB 16330 - purified water Article 1996 the following
pure water ground don't ooze water should be used, not bibulous, non-toxic, antiskid pavement material, the ground should be seamless, easy to clean and disinfect. Proper slope (ground It is advisable to 5%) And with good drainage system.
pure water walls should choose light color, mouldproof, prevent infiltration, non-toxic material paving or coating, the surface should be smooth, easy to wash disinfection. Apex Angle, corner, stude screws with arc, prevent dirt accumulation and facilitate cleaning.
the ceiling should be chosen not bibulous, smooth surface, mouldproof, prevent leakage of light color material coated or to decorate, must have the appropriate slope, on the structure can reduce the effect of water dripping.
pure water factory doors and Windows should be used, not deformation, corrosion resistant material. If you have the window should be under 45 ° inclined. Doors and Windows must set up effective anti-mosquito, flies, worms facilities. The door should be able to shut down automatically closed and sealed.
lighting, lighting
pure water workshop or face should be sufficient natural lighting and artificial lighting. Processing place on the surface of the work intensity of illumination should not be less than 220 lx. Other places should not be less than 110 lx. Installed in the workshop of the lamps on the top of the line must have a safety protection device, in case of lamps and lanterns is broken and contaminated food.
clean workshop should be class 100000 clean workshop, filling workshop should be class 1000 clean workshop, or entire room 10000 level, local level 100 production line.
clean room design and construction should accord with the requirement of GBJ73.
cleaning and filling workshop temperature should be controlled between 15 ℃ ~ 27 ℃, humidity is controlled below 50%.
at the entrance of clean room shall be respectively purification facilities and materials.
hand washing facilities shall be respectively set up appropriate locations within the plant inlet and workshop, the switch should use the manual type, leading one set per 10 people, and shall not be less than 2.
pure water locker room
must match the staff with the closet, shoe rack. Locker room should be connected to the production workshop.
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