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Pure water treatment technology the main equipment technical data and performance

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
This system is set 1 sintering filters, automatic control mode, the valve adopts pneumatic butterfly valve. Low pressure core device and the organic combination of the filter, using the principle of low voltage electric field for enhance the role of turbidity removal rate.

this system according to the characteristics of the original water, the delicate and manganese sand filter materials as the filter main body, in order to better to remove the mixed water suspended matter, tiny particles and iron, etc.


can effectively remove the iron in the raw water, suspended solids, etc;

has a unique way of uniform water distribution, resistance to stay balanced filter material filter resistance to prevent bias current, the filtering effect is best;

packing with high-quality filter material, filter material non-uniform coefficient were 2 - 3 in order to assure good filtering effect, and there will not be shuffled layer phenomenon;

choose low flow speed, to meet the water quality in the future the possibility of bad;

the multi-function all-purpose manganese iron reduction device outside a layer of primer coating for carbon steel, two levels of paint, inside lining natural rubber, rubber lining can isolate the contact of water and carbon steel, to ensure that the filter is not affected by water corrosion, to ensure the safe operation of the filter for more than 10 years.

according to the requirement of the system water rate, the system set up 1 800 mm diameter of low pressure drop turbidity, runtime output 4 m3 / h, operating velocity 8 m/h. When low pressure drop turbidity unit in the import and export pressure difference to a certain value, the system automatically backwashing.

low pressure drop turbidity unit whether backwashing according to operating differential pressure of 0. 21 mpa, before and after the filter is equipped with pressure gauge, according to before and after the pressure difference, backwashing automatically determine whether need.

10. 2 multi-functional high efficient degradation is

specification: the & # 216; 800 x2600mm material: stainless steel

the system set up a multi-functional high efficient degradation, adopt the automatic control mode, valve adopts pneumatic butterfly valve.

low core device and the organic combination of the filter, using the principle of low voltage electric field for removing turbidity, chromaticity and other pollutants.

multifunctional role of high efficient degradation is effective to remove the water of low molecular organic compounds, free chlorine, remove peculiar smell, color and smell at the same time, especially for low molecule organic matter removal.

the system set up 1 800 mm diameter multifunctional efficient degradation, output 4 m3 / h, runtime filter speed 8 m/h. On the basis of ensure the stability of the effluent water reached a better filtering effect. When a multifunctional efficient degradation in the import and export differential pressure reaches a certain value, should quit used for backwashing.

in order to prevent fine at the end of the activated carbon through, laid mat layer at the base of the activated carbon.

backwashing time every 15 days backwashing time, 10 minutes at a time.

10. 3 demineralized water device

water hardness is mainly by the cationic: calcium ( Ca2+) , magnesium, Mg2+) Ion. When containing raw water hardness ions through the exchanger resin layer, the water of calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions in resin in displacement, resin absorption of calcium, magnesium ion and sodium ion in the water, so from escaping from the exchange of water is to remove the demineralized water hardness ions. As ongoing exchange process, resin Na + all lose their ability to exchange, after it was put out at this time must use the Nacl solution was carried out on the resin regeneration, the resin adsorption of Ca2 +, magnesium 2 + displacement, resin adsorption of sodium ions, again returned to soften the exchange capacity.

the system set up 1 & # 216; Type 400 x1650mm water softener, traffic, water rate for 4 m3 / h per hour.

10. 4 dosing device scale

specification: 3 l/h for equivalent to America's BLUEWHITE class product, quantity: 1 box: 100 l material: PE

scale inhibitor dosing once every 18 day, each time adding the 10 kg, then put the box filled with water.

the medicine cabinet, metering pump, etc, can be set per unit time dosage, add in a row.

reverse osmosis membrane desalination device is to make the original to discharge and water soluble solids concentration using the device, according to the raw water quality analysis report, in order to prevent the thick water side, especially the RO pressure vessel in the last group of membrane element of the thick water side product such as CaCO3 and CaSO4 concentration is greater than the equilibrium solubility index of precipitation and crystallization, so the application characteristic of damage of membrane element, so before entering the membrane element sets the scale inhibitor dosing device. Scale inhibitor is a kind of organic compounds, as well as in langly index ( LSI) = 2. 8 cases run outside, still can prevent SO42 - Salt scaling, its main function is to increase the water solubility of scale material relatively, in order to prevent the materials such as calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate on membrane barriers, at the same time it also can reduce iron block microporous membrane. Mainly includes 1 metering pump and 1 box only solution.
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