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Quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter with use

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
Quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter is a common water treatment equipment, is also a cheaper price, use effect is good, low running cost of general equipment, sewage treatment, water purification treatment, treatment of groundwater, industrial water, cooling water treatment can see them. Our company specializing in the production of stainless steel quartz sand filter, carbon steel quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter, activated carbon filter and carbon steel stainless steel below to introduce respectively, quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter with usage.
quartz sand filter to remove suspended solids in water generally impurities, and the water absorption of activated carbon filter material, adsorption saturation, if you need to clean or regeneration. The quartz sand filter, need only backwash is ok, so to protect activated carbon and activated carbon filter, quartz sand filter is placed in front of the activated carbon filter commonly so to protect the activated carbon filter. Prolong the service life of activated carbon. If further improve water quality, water can increase precision filter or in activated carbon filter, bag filter, because of the high precision filter and bag filter precision, can effectively remove impurities of further, but also can prevent tiny tiny activated carbon. This process will be more perfect.
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