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Quartz sand filter and fibre filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
First of all, quartz sand filter and fibre ball filter are mechanical filter, mechanical filter is a kind of, also is the conventional water treatment equipment.
quartz sand filter is installed inside the quartz sand filter material mechanical filter, quartz sand is not river sand, not sea sand, hardness is strong quartz crushing sand, quartz sand filter with stainless steel quartz sand filter and carbon steel quartz sand filter and glass fiber reinforced plastic quartz sand filter, the velocity of general control within 15 m/h, in addition to the shallow sand filter can reach 40 m/h, but the shallow sand filter filtering effect is no ordinary quartz sand filter filter speed with good effect, shallow sand filter with large flow in the circulating water treatment system in general.
fiber ball filter is installed inside the fiber ball filter, mechanical filter, filter, the difference between a fiber bundle fiber bundle is linear, is hanging on the porous plate and the lower plate, stainless steel hook hanging, fiber ball filter is to combine stop directly to mechanical filter tank, by mixing machine mixing, mixing machine, stainless steel and fiber bundle fiber ball filter filters are collectively referred to as fiber and fiber bundle filter,
so, what is the difference between fiber filter and quartz sand filter, fiber filter can generally oil and suspended solids in water, in addition to the oil actually activated carbon filters and filter media is also more, activated carbon filter is adsorbed by activated carbon pore oily be soiled, water and medium filter mainly is also filled with activated carbon filter material and anthracite coal adsorption oily be soiled, relatively more medium filter is less than the activated carbon filter is installed, so strong adsorption oily be soiled or activated carbon filter, fiber filter fast speed, can reach 60 m/h, conventional design flow velocity in the 30 m/h, oily be soiled suspended solids removal, and quartz sand filter is mainly to remove the fiber content in the water, quartz sand filter structure is relatively simple, however, don't need a blender regenerated fiber, so the quartz sand filter production and operating costs are relatively low.
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