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Quartz sand filter application skills

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Quartz sand filter is mainly to remove suspended solids in water, sediment and other impurities, material has stainless steel quartz sand filter and carbon steel quartz sand filter, for a lot of sediment suspension impurities such as too much, we adopt precipitation first, and then filtering method.
we meet some customers do a subway tunnel railway company, to build a subway tunnel produces a large amount of slime water, after precipitation, the water quality suspension or overweight, and then through the quartz sand filter water effect is not very good. Because a lot of city construction site, due to the construction of area is limited, can't take a lot of sedimentation tank, due to the sedimentation tank is small, so it's difficult to tiny particles precipitate down, after our engineers on-site check, because from the groundwater to the settling basin is intermittent, so we filter can be intermittent operation, after the water precipitation, add flocculant dosing, precipitation, water quality after preliminary then achieve fine sediment in the filter tank, due to the filter backwashing expansion of space, so can't all filled with quartz sand filter, can store a lot of water, through static precipitation after 2 hours, open the discharge valve, natural, clear, and the water quality achieved the purpose of purifying, for this kind of slurry water purification, this filtering operation cost decreased a lot.
because this is intermittent water running is not affected, if continuous water, suggest increase or precision filter, bag filter behind the running cost is high, so because of the bag filter and accurate filter need to change the filter bag and filter, invisible increased operating costs.
so for water quality is poorer, discontinuity, the water we can use the quartz sand filter static precipitation, and then USES the gravity type filter, the water effect is improved a lot.
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