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Quartz sand filter cleaning

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
Quartz sand filter is a common water treatment equipment, often used in the project
1, industrial process water filter - — Such as nozzle, heat exchange station water protection filter;
2, industrial circulating water filter - — Iron and steel, metallurgy, paper making, heat exchanger, electric power, petrochemical, food, air conditioning system and other industries;
3, raw water treatment filter - — Surface water, river water, river water, lake water and sea water, etc. ;
4, irrigation filter - — Farmland, park, municipal and golf course water filter;
5, aquaculture, swimming and water filtration water park and other industries.
quartz sand filter function is through the contact process of coagulation, the water has been further purification. Quartz sand filter cleaning? 1, boot to

check filter ontology and subsidiary of various valves, piping, instruments and various equipment accessories are in good condition;
check flocculant dosing box solution is sufficient; Metering pump are in good condition;
check the original water pump, electrical equipment, all kinds of field instruments and various ancillary facilities are in good condition;
confirm various emissions, is washed and backwashing valves were closed;
filter exhaust valve closed after water breakthrough;
2, switched on the working process:
the exhaust - rinse - backwashing ( 2) - > - > system - > backwashing water washing ( A) - drainage
note: after shutdown for a long time to drive, should from the backwash ( A) Start process.
exhaust, rinsing
debugging for the first time because of there is air inside the equipment, so the exhaust step sequence. Open the mechanical filter inlet valve, exhaust valve, to exhaust valve outlet, close the discharge valve, open is to wash the discharge valve and set aside.
initial operation when the filter layer can be collected to form, so the filtering effect not beautiful, therefore a washing step. Open the filter inlet valve, is to wash the discharge valve operation to the effluent turbidity 2 mg/L or less.
the above two steps in the future will no longer run.

open cycle filter water valve, water valve, open the original water pump, metering pump. When running to import and export pressure difference or set of water, end of the run cycle. The runtime can be revised according to the actual situation.
the purpose of the back flush is loose filter layer, and will be truncated by the filter layer intercept washed away, so as to have the effect of cleaning filter layer. Recoil length and amount of sewage filter layer and recoil velocity.
backwashing drainage should not contain a normal particle filter medium.
closes as backwashing water inlet valve, water valve, open the discharge valve backwashing, backwashing valve, general control backwashing flow filter material will not be rushed out of the subject, generally about three times for the runtime.
backwashing water and water backwashing transparency is near the end. At the end of the backwashing, backwashing flow decreases, facilitate filter material according to the particle size in layers. Wash is

open the filter inlet valve, discharge valve, is to wash flow for runtime flow, time is generally 10 to 20 minutes, when the water crystal clear is wash finished, the equipment can continue to run.

drainage opening filter exhaust valve and discharge valve, the filter in the water to the filter material layer of 200 mm, time should be according to the specific circumstances.
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