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Quartz sand filter design and parameters

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
quartz sand filter, quartz sand filter introduced ( Sand filter) Is just as its name implies is packing for quartz sand filter, quartz sand filter in general as the pretreatment of the pure water and mineral water equipment, he mainly through the filter material of sediment, colloid, metal ions and organic matter to intercept, adsorption. Commonly used in purifying water treatment and wastewater treatment, because of its no pollution, low cost, low operating cost, so the application of more extensive, common filters are of 304 stainless steel material, carbon steel material, generally using epoxy or internal rubber lining anticorrosive processing, cloth cloth water common trumpet the toast water on water system, water hanging basket cloth, cloth under water has a flat cloth, cloth water dome board, stainless steel water tube type cloth, cloth water cap with ABS mushroom head and cylindrical wire stainless steel water cap cloth, because want to consider to the quartz sand filter backwashing, so general cloth water flux is usually run flow around three times.
2, the main characteristics of quartz sand filter
quartz sand filter device has simple structure and backwashing operation more convenient, mainly by adjusting the four valves, change the direction of the water, under the runtime is progresses, backwashing is next in the out, again through the drain valve of backwashing wastewater, and then through washing, until the water clear, loading quartz sand should be paid attention to: 0 sewage layer quartz sand specifications. 5 - 1. 0 mm, height is 700 mm above, there are 2 layer of the retainer, respectively is 1 2 mm high fill - in 150 200mm,2- 3 high loading in the 150 - mm 200mm。 Untreated water and its carrying capacity is 0. 5 - 1. 0 kg/m3, treated with lime water, its carrying capacity is 1. 5 - 2. 0 Kg/m3, for water after coagulation treatment, its carrying capacity is 2. 5 - 3. 0 Kg/m3。
quartz sand filter and other equipment is
quartz sand relative activated carbon, he has a section carrying capacity is strong, especially for fine particulate matter such as silt in addition to the rate is higher, and the price is low, the market in 500 yuan a ton of quartz sand, and a ton of activated carbon is need about 8000 yuan
quartz sand filter relative fiber ball filter, he mainly in quartz sand is easy to operate, only need to wash, is washed, and fiber ball filter in addition to the backwashing and positive wash, also need mixing machine, operation difficulty is quite high. And quartz sand backwashing more easily, and fiber ball easy to agglomerate, not easy backwashing. Fiber ball regeneration needs stirring, increase the electricity consumption, improve the operation cost, and fiber ball more expensive price, average price per kg to 50 yuan.
3, quartz sand filter parameters:
1, the design of filter speed: 8 - 12 meters per hour when the head loss in 5 meters, needs backwashing regeneration ( Usually by reading in and out of the nozzle pressure difference at 0. 005MP) 。
2, the cleaning strength: 10 - 15 l/s & # 8226; Square meters.
3, flushing duration: 5 - 7 minutes
4, feed water pressure: 0 or higher. 04 mpa backwash water pressure: 0 or higher. 15 mpa
5, the inflation rate is 25% 50%.
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