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Quartz sand filter design techniques

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
A, quartz sand filter working principle
quartz sand filter is a kind of mechanical filter, filter built in quartz sand filter material, to the sediment in the water, organic matter, such as ion impurities for interception, by backwashing and are washing will be trapped and impurities rinse off, then recycled, with simple operation, low cost, can be repeated use, sewage ability and other characteristics, widely used in water treatment, the attention to introduce the design of the quartz sand filter tank.
quartz sand anticorrosive filtering tank body with different particle size of filter material, bottom-up compaction by size. When water flow to the downstream filter layer, the water containing suspended material flow into the upper form tiny pore of filter material, adsorption and mechanical choke effect, by the filter material surface layer interception. At the same time, these trapped between the suspended matter happen again 'overlap' and 'bridge' role, forming a thin film in the surface of filter, filtering continue to happen. This is known as filter material surface membrane filtration effect. This kind of membrane filtration effect not only the surface, and when the water flow into the middle filter material layer is produced the intercept. With the surface of membrane filtration effect, among the intercept action is called osmosis filtration effect.
2, quartz sand filter design considerations for
quartz sand filter material of tank, generally speaking, there are 304 stainless steel, carbon steel material, general industrial wastewater using carbon steel material, lining rubber processing, and reduce the cost and make the filter tank is durable, and food and water, tap water demanding, such as average of 304 stainless steel material, we generally do not recommend using glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, mainly glass fiber reinforced plastic in and out of the mouth, and inconvenient installation, refueling more inconvenient, and easy to aging damage, basic is a one-time use.
3, quartz sand filter selections
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