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Quartz sand filter design thinking

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Quartz sand filter is a common water treatment equipment, he is a man of wide application, whether water purification treatment and wastewater treatment, which we usually say that the feed water treatment and drainage, everywhere can see the figure of them.
quartz sand filter is simple internal mechanical filter of quartz sand filter material, generally speaking, there are 2 - quartz sand has a variety of specifications 1 - 4毫米 2毫米,0。 5 - 1. 2 mm size, such as quartz sand coarse sand mat at the bottom, the more the quartz sand particle size is smaller, the formation of top-down size bigger, quartz sand grading, precision can reach 30 - 50 microns, preprocessing is the best choice. Although the precision filter or bag filter precision, can reach 5 microns, precision filter even reached 0. 1 micron, but quartz sand filter has the thick quartz sand filter layer, is a precision filter and bag filter can not match, and quartz sand filter can be back flush, washing function, so the operation cost is low, easy to operate.
some customers say, I'm turbid river water and groundwater quality, fine particulate matter is more, after the quartz sand filter effect is not very good, why is this? Because of quartz sand filter is intercepted large particles, for turbid water, usually to add in front of the flocculating agent, through the flocculating agent, will be small particles flocculated became into large, so we can filter out impurities and water effect when in general, can't you give it a try. Also some customers say the water quality is very poor, quartz sand filter is easy to jam, run several hours flow decreases, the pressure difference, clear congestion, that I told you that blocked the specification has effect, intercept impurities, but you bad water quality, directly into the quartz sand filter must not, after all, quartz sand filter is relatively precise filter, so the poor water quality, suspended matter too much, be sure to add in front of the tank, dosing precipitation. So run quartz sand load small, of course, and quartz sand filter tank design velocity must slow down.
so seemingly simple quartz sand filter, in fact, learning is very big still.
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