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Quartz sand filter material is introduced

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Quartz sand filter in general as a purifying water treatment equipment, to remove the suspended solids in the water, particulate impurities, such as commonly used in sewage waste water filtration, water purification, water treatment such as surface water treatment. Quartz sand filter as the name suggests is the internal loading of quartz sand filter device, then asked, can river sand as a quartz sand filter material? The answer is no, why, here under analysis:
the first: because the strength of the river sand is small, after a quartz sand filter backwashing is washed, river sand will wear into fine particles, not only can't get to the filtering effect, it will pollute the water, filtered water turbidity.
the second: river sand particles generally commonly irregular, and the general river sand particle size is small, it is easy to jam filter. Third:
general Yellow River sand color, yellow also suggests that there are other impurities, if inappropriate for purifying water.
and quartz sand with high strength, uniform particles, color white, colour and lustre is relaxed, but if the poor quartz sand is not talked about.
the above information by source water treatment filter out through years of experience, specific can see WWW. 571年水。 Com, or call the advisory.
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